Bobo Wilson Foot Surgery

It’s unofficially Gator Country at Advanced Podiatry however we never like to see anybody suffer a foot or ankle surgery including our upstate rivals, the Florida State Seminoles.  Unfortunately for them, they have lost one of their top play-makers, Bobo Wilson, after he underwent season-ending surgery on his right foot.  At this point, we can […]

Anthony Brown Out With Foot Injury

Anthony Brown is out and this is putting great pressure on the Lakers. The rookie will likely be out at least 4 weeks during a crucial time for the Lakers. Koby Bryant is already out with an injury as are several other Laker players. Will they be able to win against Golden State with all […]

Bone Tumors

Bone Tumors can cause lumps on the top of the foot. There are several bone tumors of the foot and the most common are typically benign in nature. The two most common benign tumors of the foot are the osteochondroma and osteoid osteoma. Both of these lesions can cause a lump in the soft tissue of the […]