Maksim Chmerkovskiy Torn Calf Muscle

Maksim Chmerkovskiy danced his way into the operating room recently after suffering a torn calf muscle during rehearsal. The Dancing With the Stars veteran was rehearsing when all of a sudden he felt a pop in his calf.  He screamed out, “….It just feels like something hit it!” Maksim underwent surgery to repair the right calf […]

The Pokemon Go Hype

This past summer, Pokemon Go fever swept the nation. For those who have been living underneath a rock, it’s a smart phone app that requires you to walk around in the real world to catch virtual Pokemon. Regardless if you think it’s dumb or not, it has mobilized thousands if not millions of an otherwise […]

The Largest Feet in History

You know what they say about dinosaurs with large feet? They leave behind large foot-prints! In a remote coastline in Western Australia that has been dubbed “The Jurassic Park of Australia”, paleontologists have uncovered a treasure trove of 21 different tracks. One of which is said to be the largest ever to be found. It […]