Picking the Right Shoe for Your Feet

A potentially daunting task for any individual is to go to the local shoe store and find a proper fitting shoe. We as consumers are often misled by marketing ploys that we “need” to buy this specific shoe in order to look and feel good. I can tell you from personal experience that everyone is different […]

Get Rid Of This Painful Foot Callus?

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the podiatrist’s office, waiting for the doctor to trim your painful callus, and thinking, “Why can’t my doctor just cut out the callus so they never return?”  If so, you’re not alone.  Millions of Americans suffer from this painful condition, often with only temporary relief.  And I have […]

Do I Have Gout in the Foot?

When my patients come in to see me saying they have a 10/10 pain of their great toe and cannot even let their bed sheet touch their foot, I automatically think of gout in the foot.  The pain of an acute gouty attack can be excruciating and may be triggered even by light touch or movement.  The […]