Ankle Swelling

Ankle swelling may occur one one ankle or both ankles.

Ankle swelling that is present on both ankles is usually related to some type of condition such as high blood pressure or problems related to the kidneys, heart or lungs. In some cases veins that are not working properly can cause swelling if the condition occurs in both legs. These can all be easily identified and treated by your primary care doctor and podiatrist. When you have ankle swelling associated with the veins, it is possible to ankle swellingdevelop ulcers on the ankle and legs.

Ankle swelling on one side may be due to vein problems that just occur in one leg such as varicose veins. More serious swelling on one side may be caused by a blood clot. This is considered a medical emergency. Your doctor will send you for an ultrasound of the veins to determine is there is a clot. If there is a clot, treatment will be started immediately with a blood thinner to avoid more serious problems.

Sprains and strains to the ankle will usually cause swelling or edema on only the affected side. Ankle joint injury or arthritis can also lead to swelling which can cause pain and stiffness at the joint.

Early identification of the causes of swelling and early treatment are essential to avoid pain, ulcers and further injury. If you have persistent swelling in your ankles, contact your podiatrist for a thorough exam and for treatment options.

Treatments of swelling usually consist of control of your systemic problem by your primary care physician in combination with treatments from your foot doctor.  Swelling can be controlled with compression stockings and elevation of your legs above the heart level.

For ankle injuries, sprains and arthritis, there are many treatments available including basic, advanced and surgical options. Tests are available to help with diagnosis and these include vein testing or venous doppler, x-ray, ultrasound and MRI.

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