FAQ – Avoid Bunion Surgery

Are There Options to Avoid Bunion Surgery?

As a Tampa podiatrist, I am frequently asked about alternatives to avoid bunion surgery and available treatments to slow the progression and relieve pain of a bunion deformity.bunion-progression In our podiatry office, bunion surgery is a last option.  We try everything possible before any surgery. It is important that you visit your podiatrist early before the bunion worsens.  This is especially true if bunions run in your family.

The typical bunion is found as a bump behind the big toe or small toe.  The time to have this problem evaluated by your podiatrist is when these bumps on the side of the foot are small and not painful.  With early treatment, the likelihood of surgery is greatly decreased.  Bunions can be hereditary or caused by injury, arthritis or gout.   During your exam, x-rays will be taken and your foot structure will be evaluated.  In most cases your foot is unstable and has abnormal motion.  This requires custom inserts or orthotics to stabilize your foot and to prevent the bunion from worsening.

So prevention is the key to avoiding bunion surgery.  See your podiatrist early and often to avoid surgery. What can you do to help avoid bunion surgery?

  • Avoid wearing heels
  • Avoid narrow shoes around the toes
  • Stretch your feet
  • Wear pads and cushions
  • See your podiatrist early

Bunions are caused by ab unstable foot so make sure to wear supportive shoes that do not rub on the bump of the bunion.  This will help slow the progression of the deformity.

At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, we can help you address your foot problems early and help prevent problems in the future.  Call our office for an appointment to take care of your bunion today.  After all, your feet must last a lifetime!

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