5 Reasons Not To Ignore Your Foot Pain…

1. The faster you seek treatment, the easier it is to treat

Someone that comes in with heel pain that’s only been present for one week will respond to treatment quicker than someone that has been dealing with it for 8 months. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the harder it is to treat. Your body usually starts to ignore the area that is injured or in pain and quits sending those healing cells down to resolve it.
2. It could be a stress fracture

Stress fractures are common in the foot. They are microfractures that occur at high pressure areas on the foot from repetitive stress to the bone. Athletes, especially runners are susceptible to stress fractures because of the repetitive motion with running. If pain is persisting in your foot for more than 5 days, you should seek treatment by your podiatrist.

3. It can affect how you walk

Limping is never good. Getting up in the morning and walking with a limp is disheartening. You think, “I’m just getting old,” but that’s not the reason. Most likely, you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis and don’t even know it. Simple treatments can make it go away. You don’t have to walk with a limp, you just need to see your podiatrist!

4. It can cause other problems.

So maybe you were just limping initially, but now that’s you had foot pain for a couple of months, it has started to make your knee hurt. This is a common finding in people that ignore foot pain. Altering the way you walk because of your foot pain can cause extra stress on your knee, hip and back. Once your foot pain is gone, you’ll slowly notice the other aches and pains secondary to it will resolve as well…as long as no permanent damage occurred.

5. It feels soooo much better when it’s gone.

“I don’t know why I didn’t come to see you sooner.” That’s the phrase I hear all the time. It’s amazing how long people will ignore their foot pain…and how happy they are when it’s gone. Sometimes, foot pain can really affect your life! It can keep you from running that extra mile or cause you to have a bad day at work.

The moral of the story is…”Don’t Wait To Treat Your Foot Pain!” Come see us at Advanced Podiatry for an evaluation today. Call us at 813-875-0555 for an appointment. Our doctors will help you with your foot pain so you can lead your life healthy and foot pain free!