A Tampa Podiatrist’s Story About Your Heel Pain!

You… yes… you, waking up in the morning and hitting the floor with heel pain?  I know, you never thought that you would feel so disabled that you couldn’t even roll out of bed without a thought!

You sit for a while and you step on the floor; Ohhhhh, there it is again that horrible heel pain that makes you limp until you walk it off.

Well, it just started while wearing an old shoe or doing some activity you hadn’t done in a while.  Now 1 week has passed, 2 weeks, 3 weeks………………………  The ice doesn’t help you.  It’s getting worse.  You’re miserable!  The stretching isn’t doing the trick.  All of your friend’s remedies are just falling short.  Even Dr. Scholl took your money and hasn’t helped you!

You are frustrated, can’t take that daily walk, can’t run.  You think, is this just aging?  Will it ever end? Your clothing is going up a size and you can’t keep up with your friends and family.  Even your dog is getting grouchy!  You are eating healthy foods but it’s just not working anymore.

Bottom line is that YOU are miserable and can’t take it anymore.

This is your story isn’t it?

I have some good news for you.  YOU are not alone.  Have you noticed that your next door neighbor had the same problem?  Remember your co-worker telling you about their heel pain and the amazing relief they had after seeing a podiatrist?

Well, as your podiatrist, I’m here to tell you that foot pain and heel pain are not normal.  I can help you! YOU Deserve Heel Pain Relief.

You should call my office now and make an appointment to finally get yourself relief.

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