A Toenail Fungus Among Us: Dr. Marc Katz Uses Laser in Tampa

A Toenail Fungus Among Us


Tribune correspondent

Published: June 12, 2010

Thirty-five million people in the United States, and 700 million globally, suffer from toenail fungus.

With sandal season just around the corner, what’s the solution?

There are home remedies, and there are thousands of products advertised on the Internet, but the resolution for toenail fungus remains elusive. There also are safety concerns related to oral medications.

Tampa podiatrist Marc Katz says laser treatments are the best answer.

Katz researched the latest lasers on the market and settled on the Cooltouch CT3 Plus Zoom laser, which he calls “one of the most proven lasers on the market today.” The laser is so sophisticated that it can detect and reach the proper target temperature to kill the fungus. The treatment then stops immediately, and the nail is cooled with a spray, allowing for fungal death without damaging the skin or the nail.

Katz points out that toenails are simply modified skin, so the Cooltouch, which can treat many skin issues, makes sense.

He also likes that the Cooltouch has a higher wavelength beam, which he feels more safely penetrates and treats the hard, thick nail.

“Other lasers take 30 minutes for treatment compared to the more effective Cooltouch, which only takes about half the time,” Katz says. “I recommend two treatments. There are different growth phases of the nail and fungus, and the best results occur when the patient receives at least two treatments.”

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