Achilles strain puts Boston Red Sox player on disabled list…

Boston Red Sox player, David Ortiz, was temporarily placed on the disabled list for an Achilles strain that has been lingering over the past several weeks.  He hopes to return before the end of the season and has quickly started rehab to shorten his time on the disabled list.

Achilles injuries including strains and tendinitis need to be treated in a timely manner to prevent further damage of the tendon.  When 36 year old Ortiz was asked his plans on returning quickly back to the season, he replied, “I’ll get an injection in the next day or so in hopes to return in September.”  Injections, specifically steroid injections, can weaken the tendon over time.  Although it can be a quick fix for many injuries, steroid injections into the Achilles tendon region have been known to cause a rupture of the tendon.  Hopefully, Mr. Ortiz will recover from his Achilles strain in a safe manner so we can see him play for years to come!

So if you’re an athlete that has been suffering from Achilles strain or tendinitis, come see us at Advanced Podiatry for safe and effective treatment today!