Ankle and Foot Injury Treatments in Tampa – Advanced Podiatry

If you have injured your ankle and foot, you need highly specialized care. Podiatry is the only specialty that spends 4 years in school just concentrating on the foot, ankle and lower leg and then a podiatrist moves on to an intensive 3-year residency for ankle and foot trauma and reconstruction. There are no other doctors or specialists with equivalent training for all types of foot and ankle trauma and injuries. So the choice is clear.

At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, we are anything but ordinary. We have spent years developing our own treatments and techniques to help you heal. We do not let insurance companies dictate your care. We do what is best for you. That is why we are the leading Ankle and Foot Podiatry practice in the Tampa Bay area.

We have multiple doctors that are highly trained to help you quickly return to your activities following foot and ankle injuries or trauma. Our doctors use the most advanced techniques including Regenerative medicine, which includes stem cells, Platelet rich plasma, prolotherapy, ozone therapy, neural therapy, super-pulse laser and Cryosurgery. These treatments can be used alone or in combination with surgical procedures to allow you to heal much more rapidly.

Do you want to avoid cortisone injections? We have many options available for you. Our goal is to rebuild structures and heal your injuries. Cortisone is overused especially in athletes and leads to weakened joints, ligaments and tendons. Ultimately this leads to injuries. So we will help rebuild so you can enjoy your activities.

When it comes to ankle sprains and injuries, we offer state of the art ankle arthroscopy, a minimally invasive technique that allows us to find problems within your ankle and repair them through small openings. This allows for little disruption and fast recovery. In contrast, traditional surgery causes major disruption to the ankle joint and all surrounding structures leading to prolonged recovery and a weakened joint.

If you are an athlete or a weekend warrior, we have “Dynamic Orthotics” that flex with you while stabilizing your foot and ankle. These devices allow for the motion needed for activity while providing shock absorption. And we customize these devices for you and you leave with them the same day!

And then of course we offer the most advanced techniques in traditional surgery for ankle and foot injuries and trauma.

As you can see Advanced Podiatry can offer you many options to best fit your condition and needs. We pride ourselves on not being limited to any one type of treatment like many other practices. We will take the time to listen to you and come up with a specialized and personalized treatment plan. In these days of depersonalized medicine, we strive to treat you with the respect and attention that you deserve. Just like the good ‘ole days!

Call today so we can get you on the path to healing your ankle and foot pain.


Prolotherapy for Ankle and Foot Injury
Ozone Therapy for Ankle and Foot Injury
Orthotics, Insoles and Arch Supports for Ankle and Foot Injury