Ankle Injuries During the Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race

The Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race is the longest running annual freshwater race in the world. Boats race from Navy Pier in Chicago, IL to Mackinac Island, Michigan, which is approximately 333 miles in distance. This is Dr. Cruz’s 15th year of participation and what a year it was. Unexpected storms early Sunday morning caused a lot of foot and ankle injuries on competing boats. Reports of broken ribs and ankles surfaced after the squall had wreaked havoc over the entire fleet. One boat capsized and another had a sailor fall over board. Thankfully all the competitors are doing well despite the injuries that were suffered. Broken ankles and toes, especially during bad storms, can be prevented by using proper shoe gear. I prefer to wear knee high sailing boots in order to protect the feet and ankles. The boot not only prevents rolling of the ankles but also keeps the feet dry during entire race.

Barefoot boating is not a very smart idea since the constant imbalance of the boat can increase the chance of injury. Staying low to the deck of the boat can also help to maintain balance and prevent injury. Lowering your center of gravity increases stability and can allow for easier movement during the trip. The 15 foot waves were a result of the 70 mph winds during the heaviest part of the storm. These conditions can be quite dangerous so being prepared with the proper equipment is crucial to preventing bodily injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered some kind of trauma while boating please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the doctors of Healthy Feet Podiatry. Our state of the art digital X-ray is capable of capturing the most detailed images of the foot so that we can achieve the most accurate diagnosis. Please call 813-875-0555 today so that you can get back on the water pain free.