Anthony Brown Out With Foot Injury

Anthony Brown is out and this is putting great pressure on the Lakers. The rookie will likely be out at least 4 weeks during a crucial time for the Lakers. Koby Bryant is already out with an injury as are several other Laker players. Will they be able to win against Golden State with all of these injuries?

The foot injury suffered by Anthony Brown has resulted in a stress reaction to the foot as seen on MRI. As podiatrists, we often see foot injuries with a “stress reaction”. Of course we are always asked for an explanation. For many people this may seem to be just a minor problem but it is not.

A stress reaction means that there is swelling in the bones. This is due to an injury or overuse. In some cases this can also be from repetitive stress such as jogging or excessive workout classes. In all of these cases, this should be taken seriously. As the bone swells it weakens. So it is important to be placed in a walking boot and to stop all activities and rest the area. If this is not done then the person is risking a stress fracture which can take 4-6 weeks. Stress fractures also require a boot and rest. If stress fractures are left untreated they can become more major fractures that have bone separation which could require surgery.

So as you see from this progression, it is important to treat a stress reaction early. It is smart for Anthony Brown to be sitting out for a while to allow for proper healing while avoiding a more serious injury.

If you have injured your foot or have pain that will not go away you should see a podiatrist early. An X-ray can determine if this is a fracture and if necessary an MRI will be ordered if you are not getting better. This may show a stress reaction and you can get treatment so you can resume your activities as soon as possible.

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