Arch of the Foot Pain Video – Tampa Podiatrist

Pain in the arch of the foot is one of the most common problems treated by a podiatrist. The pain if often dues to a weakness of the foot structure including bones, joints, ligaments and tendons throughout the foot and ankle. To alleviate arch pain symptoms, your foot doctor will likely recommend arch supports that are customized for your foot. Some people refer to these as foot insoles or orthotics. Your podiatrist is the best source for customized arch supports. An exam from a doctor is essential before using arch supports or customized insoles to support your foot structure. In some cases there can be other disorders or injuries that can only be diagnosed by your podiatrist. If you have pain in the arch of the foot, have an exam by a podiatrist and get back to the activities that you desire. Call us at Advanced Podiatry in Tampa. 813-875-0555

Arch Pain Video From YouTube