Are Your Flip Flops Killing Your Feet?

Summer is approaching soon, which means we are in peak flip flop season! Although most Floridians wear them year-round, we always enjoy buying a new pair for the summer!

So let’s go ahead and put it on the table…yes, flip flops are bad for you. Yes, they cause plantar fasciitis and pain in the ball of our feet, but we continue to wear them anyway because they are so easy and so darn “comfortable.” There’s that word…comfortable. I hear it every day in the office. Flip flops are comfortable. I can’t disagree with you…they are comfortable. But, heel pain is not. And pain under the ball of your foot is not. Daily use of flip flops can cause foot problems…which are UNCOMFORTABLE!

So if you’re going to keep telling yourself that flip flops are comfortable, when you can barely step out of bed without limping, then you need to reassess what your idea of comfortable really is! Flip flops are unstable because of their simplicity and flexibility. The lack of support for your feet makes you more likely to develop pain in your feet.

I am not one of those podiatrist that says you should never wear flip flops. Just be more cautious of when you wear them. For example, flip flops should not be worn for an all-day affair at Disney World. They should not be worn for hiking or long periods of walking. Flip flops CAN be worn for a quick trip to the grocery store, running errands or going to the beach/pool. In general, flip flops are safe to use for short periods of time.

So if you’re suffering from heel pain and you’re trying to figure out what is causing it, take a good, long look at your shoe gear. If you wear flip flops 99% of the time, you may want to consider a more quality shoe. Advanced Podiatry is always here for you to help determine what is causing the pain in your feet. Call our office at 813-875-0555 for an appointment today!