Did Turf Toe sputter the Chiefs Super Bowl chances from the start?

As we all know our Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl Champions! In probably their best game of the year Tampa easy cruised past a high powered Kansas City Offense. But was their best player in quarterback Patrick Mahomes injury a large factor? Lets Examine…
Patrick Mahomes was diagnosed with a Turf Toe type injury after a previous playoff game and has been suffering with the injury through Super Bowl week. Turf toe is an injury in various degrees to the soft tissue surrounding the big toe joint. This joint has two small bones which float underneath called sesamoids which have a complex ligamentous network surrounding them and help function as lever arm in the function of the big toe. The big toe of all our toes is the most crucial to good function. In short it is not only responsible for balance but also plays a very large roll in push off. This push off if limited could have hampered Mahomes. It could be argued that this could have affected his throwing motion by limiting his push off strength and definitely decreasing his mobility behind his frail offensive line.
At Healthy Feet Podiatry we treat foot and ankle conditions of all varieties. From severe traumatic injuries to ingrown toenails we see it all. An injury like Mahomes is something that we have many options available for. From immobilization techniques to custom molded orthotics to maximize foot function while limiting load forces our support devices are second to none. Regenerative medicine such as Platelet Rich Plasma, Super Pulse laser, and Stem cell therapy to name just a few would have been great options not only for Mahomes but for any weekend warrior out there with an injury. Of course the last resort is always surgical intervention which can be utilized in the right patient to fix most problems.
Whether you are a super bowl quarter back or just trying to train for a 5k, at Healthy Feet Podiatry we will treat your problem with the utmost concern to get you back to full strength ASAP. Call us today for your same day appointment with little to no in office wait time, so you don’t lose your chance like Mahomes did!