Athletes: How can YOU stay on the field injury-free this season?

Athletes: How can YOU stay on the field injury-free this season?

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for both sport’s fans and athletes alike…the start of the fall sporting events!  Football and soccer seasons beginning, baseball going into the playoffs, everyone loves the electrifying atmosphere surrounding this time of year! 

So as an athlete, no matter the level, you need to be in top shape and take no injury lightly.  Ignoring minor aches and pains during the start of the year can lead to serious injury later on in the season if not addressed promptly. 

1.)  Stubbing your toe in your cleats can lead to a foot sprain which can later be the cause of severe arthritis significantly affecting your performance if not treated properly.

2.)  Chronic Achilles tendinitis can weaken the tendon, cause degeneration of the fibers or rupture if ignored or remains unresponsive to standard treatment.

3.) Constant arch pain in a flat foot deformity can cause tendinitis and arthritis if left untreated, especially with high impact activity and running.

These are just three examples of how small problems in the foot and ankle can cause major performance drops in athletes during the season.  So listen to your body and don’t ignore your injuries!

Every athlete should have a podiatrist to help them receive the best foot and ankle care possible during the season and off season as well.  If you’re an athlete or the parent of an athlete, call Advanced Podiatry today for evaluation of your foot or ankle pain so we can get you the proper treatment to finish the season safely and pain-free!