Athlete’s on the injured list for…heel pain?!

Athlete’s Need Treatment for Heel Pain…and so do you!

Just because you don’t make millions of dollars doesn’t mean your heel pain shouldn’t be treated like an all-star athlete’s same problem!  Heel pain is common.  It even affects our super heroes that can push themselves through any tough time like Kobe Bryant, Scott Bodsednik, and Tim Duncan.

Heel pain, especially plantar fasciitis is hard to treat and to make matters worse there’s no universal treatment that works for everyone.  That’s why heel pain lingers on and on, even when you do see a doctor about it.  Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia, a band of tissue on the bottom of the foot that supports the arch.  When it becomes inflammed from a certain activity, shoes, or even your foot type, you start experiencing sharp pain on the bottom of the heel.

A podiatrist has the best treatment options available to you for heel pain relief.  Plantar fasciitis needs a combination of treatments to provide the quickest and most effective relief.  Stretching, anti-inflammatories, orthotics and rest are all important in treating plantar fasciitis.  You should talk to your podiatrist about the treatment combination that will be most effective for you!

The most important treatment though is educating our patients (and athletes) on what not to do.  Do NOT push through the pain!  You could actually tear the plantar fascia.  Do NOT go back to regular activities as soon as the pain resolves!  It takes time to heal this area of the foot, and going back to your activities too soon can cause the pain to come right back.  And finally, Do NOT quit doing the treatments that your podiatrist has provided for you!  Keeping plantar fasciitis from recurring is an ongoing process that you and your podiatrist have to stay on top of.

So if you’re experiencing heel pain that is not getting better, call Advanced Podiatry and let our doctors help you!  They have a wide variety of simple and advanced treatment options for heel pain.  Even if you’ve seen other doctors that have not been able to help heal your foot pain, Advanced Podiatry has ADVANCED OPTIONS that many other doctors in this area don’t offer.  So call 813-875-0555 for help!