NBA star Gordon Hayward Breaks His ankle! How do we fix that?

Hayward broke his leg! Hayward broke his leg! shouted the announcer Kevin Harlan during last nights gruesome injury. If you watch the video you can actually hear the fracture as Hayward hits the ground. This is a very unfortunate start to the Celtics season and for Hayward’s career. The all star player signed with Boston […]

The Mission May Not Be Possible: Tom Cruise Breaks His Ankle

While filming a stunt for the upcoming film Mission Impossible 6, Tom Cruise unfortunately injured himself while performing an aerial stunt. Cruise was harnessed and rigged up for the stunt but when jumping from one building to the next he landed with his ankle in a tilted position. The tilted ankle position is most likely […]

Ankle Injuries During the Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race

The Chicago to Mackinac Yacht Race is the longest running annual freshwater race in the world. Boats race from Navy Pier in Chicago, IL to Mackinac Island, Michigan, which is approximately 333 miles in distance. This is Dr. Cruz’s 15th year of participation and what a year it was. Unexpected storms early Sunday morning caused […]