Becca Longo: Girl Kicker Extraordinaire

Becca Longo. Remember that name because people will be talking about her several years from now as a trail-blazer in women’s sports. This past month, she became the first woman in history to sign a scholarship to play college football. She committed to be the kicker at Adams State, a Division II school in Colorado, last month.

As a senior, Longo connected on 30 out of 33 extra-point tries in addition to booting a 30 yard field goal. Adams State’s head coach, Timm Rosenbach, had little doubt about her talent when recruiting her stating, “She has a strong leg and can be very accurate.”

Becca Longo isn’t the first female college football player but is actually the first one to earn a scholarship to do so. Liz Heaston was the first to play and score in a college football game when she kicked a few extra points for Willamette University in 1997.

Here at Advanced Podiatry, we often get both active men and women who come in complaining about discoloration in their toenails from sports requiring kicking. Any repetitive kicking of a ball or even running in a tight shoes can cause the toenails to turn different colors. If the color is a dark red or purple, there is most likely a subungal hematoma (blood under the toenail) which can be painful and can lead to an infection. If the nail is yellow or green, there may be a fungal infection of the toenail. Trauma to the nail often mimics a fungal infection. One way of differentiating between a fungal infection and blood under the nail is by taking a small piece of nail and sending it out to a lab where they can analyze the toenail under a microscope. This procedure can easily be performed in our office.

If there is a fungal infection of the toenail, we have several treatments to help you.   Our most popular option is laser nail treatment. In conjunction with a topical antifungal and other treatments, we have seen great success with our laser. If you’re experiencing discoloration of your toenails and think you might have a toenail infection call us at 813-875-0555 to make an appointment to see if laser nail treatment is right for you.