Ben Simmons Jones Fracture

Ben Simmons season is over before it even started. This year’s number one overall pick in the NBA draft suffered a Jones fracture of his right foot after landing awkwardly on a teammate’s foot. He is set to have the bone surgically repaired this upcoming week and is expected to be out at least 3 months.

A Jones fracture is a type of fracture of the 5th metatarsal which is one of five long bones in the foot. The 5th metatarsal has a relatively poor blood supply and has more muscle attachments compared to the rest of the other foot bones which makes it prone to injury. On the 5th metatarsal, there are 3 different areas which are referred to zones that correspond to different types of fractures. The first zone refers to the base of the metatarsal where avulsion or “chip” fractures are commonly seen. The second zone is in between the base and the shaft of the bone. This is where you’ll see Jones fractures occur. Oblique or spiral fractures generally are found in the last zone (Zone 3) which is in the long shaft of the metatarsal.

For a high level athlete like Simmons, surgery is usually the first line of treatment in Zone 2 and 3 fractures. In these areas, the bone may take longer to heal. Surgery reduces the likelihood of a fracture not healing within the expected time frame of 6-8 weeks which is important for a person who is paid to perform at a high level. For everybody else, immobilization in a cast or protective boot is the standard treatment but surgery is indicated if the broken bone is out of alignment.

According to Philadelphia 76ers team officials, they are in no hurry to get Simmons back on the court. The franchise is no stranger to foot fractures. Their 2014 draft pick, Joel Embiid, has yet to play in a regular season game after experiencing multiple set-backs while trying to rush back from the injury. Former NBA MVP, Kevin Durant, also suffered a Jones fracture which required multiple surgeries due to delayed healing.

There is no telling how long Ben Simmons injury will keep him sidelined but with appropriate treatment, he should be back to 100% in no time. If you suffered an acute foot injury with severe pain on the outside of your foot that’s preventing you from walking, call us at (813) 875-0555 to make an appointment to see our specialists today.