Best Damn Race Results

Finished the Best Damn Race this weekend, and it was an amazing experience!  I met some pretty incredible athletes and just wanted to say Advanced Podiatry is proud to be a part of the experience! 

Now that the race is over, make sure you take care of your feet.  It’s not uncommon to have some problems with your feet after the race such as Runner’s toe, blisters, tendinitis or flare-ups from arthritis.  Hopefully most of the runners received Advanced Podiatry’s foot care kit I was handing out at the race.  If not, here are some tips to follow for post-race achey feet.

  1. Be careful with blisters.  If they burst, keep them protected with a band-aide and apply antibiotic ointment or betadine to dry them out and keep them from getting infected.
  2. Foot powder or liquid powder products help absorb excess moisture.  Antifungal and antibacterial ingrediants can help minimize odor as well.
  3. Callouses need to be taken care of after the race.  Avoid callous pads with acidic ingrediants that can damage healthy skin around the callous.  Creams with active ingrediants such as urea can naturally soften callouses.  Using a pumice stone or ped-egg can decrease the thickness but be careful when using these products and make sure you don’t get overly aggressive with removal.

If you are experiencing any other problems with your feet or ankles since the race, call Advanced Podiatry and let our doctors help solve your foot or ankle problems.