Big Ben Roethlisberger out for the season? This is highly unlikely!

During yesterday’s game of Pittsburgh versus the Dolphins, Ben hurt his ankle on the second-to-last offensive play of the game. This could have been a result of rolling over the outside of the ankle and causing stress to the ligaments and tendons. The body will always try to compensate for any abnormal motion of the foot and ankle by firing muscles to resist the motion. The fast compensation sometimes causes strain and stress injuries. Roethlisberger got lucky this time since the immediate assessment after the game ruled out any serious injuries. The problem is that chronic damage to any area can create future problems for the athlete. Damage to the cartilage of the ankle is one of the major chronic issues that can progress with further injuries. Steroid injections to the ankle and surrounding joints can lessen the pain and decrease inflammation. Platelet rich plasma or PRP can be used to speed up healing of any soft tissue structures such as ligaments and tendons.

At Advanced Podiatry we have many ways to help alleviate your ankle pain. Our figure 8 ankle brace is an excellent stabilizer and prevents abnormal motion of the ankle. We use this brace for our patients who have suffered an injury but the severity of the problem does not warrant a walking boot. Orthotics or custom inserts are also utilized in order to stabilize the heel and ankle in order to prevent sprains. Our walking boots are pneumatic and provide air compression to the injured limb. This compression helps with swelling and also creates a secure fit for the boot. With all these functional devices we can provide the highest quality treatment for your ankle pain.

For now Big Ben will just need a few days in a walking boot but according to reports he will be ready for next weeks game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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