Bone Tumors

Bone Tumors can cause lumps on the top of the foot.

There are several bone tumors of the foot and the most common are typically benign in nature. The two most common benign tumors of the foot are the osteochondroma and osteoid osteoma. Both of these lesions can cause a lump in the soft tissue of the foot and can be very painful. The pain is either caused by the tumor itself or secondary to the soft tissue swelling in the shoe. These bone tumors are more frequently seen in males and occur in the 3rd or 4th decade of life.

Treatment for the tumors vary on the severity of the symptoms. If there are no symptoms then the tumor is generally left alone and monitored. Monitoring of the tumor can be done with either plain xrays or more advanced imaging such as CT or MRI. Periodic and consistent imaging of the tumor to assess any changes is very important.

If symptoms are severe then the bone tumor can be removed surgically. This would require a period of non-weight bearing to the operated foot depending on the location of the tumor. The surgeon will also send a bone biopsy to the pathology lab to identify any abnormalities of the tumor. The surgeon will also fill any deficit in the bone with bone substitute in order to maintain the integrity of the bone.

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