Brady Jardine Career Ending Foot Surgery Discussed by Tampa Podiatrist Marc Katz

Brady Jardine of Utah State has been suffering with a foot injury and now it has cost him his career.  The injury has progressed to the point where he has lost proper foot stability and will require surgery to repair torn ligaments.  After the surgery, he will likely undergo physical therapy.

Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist, notes that Jardine will also likely benefit from an ankle foot orthoses to help with healing and to help his function even after healing.

Katz notes that many patients have injuries each day but luckily their career doesn’t depend on it.  However, in many standing and walking  jobs a foot injury can be devastating.  He notes that there are usually non-surgical options to get back to a full recovery.

Dr. Katz recommends seeing a podiatrist quickly with any foot or ankle injury to avoid loss of function that may compromise work or daily activities.