Brent Grimes Suffers Leg Laceration


Football season is upon us and that means we should brace ourselves for the inevitable influx of injury news.  Sure enough, one of our very own Tampa Bay Buccaneers got hurt during practice after suffering a severe laceration to his shin.  During a routine play, Brent Grimes got cleated by one of his teammates while fighting for the ball.  The 11 year veteran cornerbackimmediately went down clutching his lower leg which is almost a never good sign in football.   Getting stepped on by your teammates is very common in this sport but it’s usually not this severe.  Fortunately for him, the injury is relatively minor as there is no ligament or bone damage.    The big cut will keep him out for the rest of the preseason while he recovers.  Doctors fully expect him to be 100% by their first regular season game against the Miami Dolphins on September 10th.

Lacerations to the lower extremity can have severe complications without proper medical care.   Generally most cuts can heal on their own if cleaned properly and treated with local wound care.  The deeper they are, the more complicated they become because that’s when you start worrying about damage to the nerves, blood vessels, and tendon.  If the doctor finds no major structural issues, they’ll generally clean out the wound really well with a sterile flush and suture the wound back up.  This can only be safely done within a small window called the “The Golden Period.”  Any large cut less than 6 hours old can be closed with sutures. After that, the chances of an infection developing increases.  At which point, sewing the wound is no longer an option and you must allow it to heal on its own but with proper medical care of course.  Regardless, the skin takes at least 2 weeks to heal depending on severity.

Brent Grimes was an instrumental part in the Bucs resurgent defense that lead them to 9-5 record last season.  Expectations are high this year but as long as the Bucs stay clear of the injury bug, they should do very well.  We wish Brent a speedy recovery and hope this is the only injury he gets all season.  If you suffer a laceration, call us for an appointment at 913-875-0555 so we can fix it!  We have same day appointments so you can come and get treated quickly!


-Dr. Binh Nguyen