Bucs Cut Kicker Robert Aguayo

Hundreds of professional football players will be out of a job in the upcoming month but there’s one player in particular whose cut that made us really sad. At Healthy Feet Podiatry, we are partial to all kickers and punters so it was only natural for us to be shocked when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers waived kicker, Robert Aguayo. He had an illustrious career at Florida State University after finishing as the all-time most accurate kicker in college football. He had a rocky rookie campaign after the Bucs made him a 2nd round pick in the NFL Draft. Last year, he only made 71% of his field-goals which was the lowest in the entire league.


The Buccaneers had their first preseason game this past Friday in which Aguayo would go on to miss two more kicks. His performance was not up to par with the management’s expectations. The team wasted little time and dismissed the kicker the following day.

Given last year’s struggles, it doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Currently, the Bucs have veteran kicker Nick Folk as the only remaining kicker but there is no doubt they’ll bring in another kicker to compete with the incumbent starter.

One has to wonder how a player with such a great track record performed so poorly.

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