Get Your Bunion Corrected with the Latest Minimally-Invasive Techniques

It’s almost sandal season again and your bunion and hammertoes are not looking any smaller.  In fact it seems they are getting larger every day.  But who has time for crutches and long recovery periods?  The answer is no one wants to endure pain, swelling, and crutches for any period of time.  With minimally invasive surgery (MIS) you can avoid these complications all together.  The benefits of MIS surgery are simple.  Since the surgeon is only making small openings in the skin you have less chance of infection, decreased scarring, and less swelling as compared to a traditional foot surgery.  MIS can achieve the same if not better results than traditional bunion surgery and the complications with MIS surgery are minimal in comparison.

 With two tiny openings in the skin even some of the largest bunions can be corrected with MIS techniques.  The technique involves filing down the bunion or “bump” of bone and placing the bone in a straight orientation.  No screws or pins need to be utilized since the wedge of bone that is created is very stable on its own.  Sometimes the soft tissues around the bump need to released in order for the big toe joint to remain straight.  The result is a beautiful great toe and a happy patient.  Hammertoe correction utilizing MIS is also quick and effective.  Again, the surgeon makes tiny openings in the skin to gain access to the area being treated.  With a simple burr the bump of the small toe can be eliminated and the contracture of the digit can be corrected through the same opening.  Soft tissue release and bone osteotomies are techniques that can be used to achieve the perfect looking toe.  The surgeon, prior to surgery will explain exactly what is needed to achieve a beautiful outcome.

The tools that we use during the bunion correction are a combination of burrs, rasps, and the use of fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is essentially real time X-ray.  The patient, if he or she chooses, can watch the correction of the toe in real time thanks to the live X-ray that we utilize during the correction.  This type of imaging also guarantees that we achieve the best possible outcome by properly visualizing all the anatomy in real time. Patient safety is very important so therefore all proper safety measures are taken to ensure no prolonged exposures to the patient.  A before and after picture can also be given to the patient so that they have an understanding of what the surgery accomplished.  We also encourage you to show your family and friends so that they too can benefit from the technique of MIS.

The MIS surgeries can be performed right in the office and you can, at the doctor’s discretion, walk out on your own two feet the same day of the surgery. No general or sedation anesthesia is utilized so the patient is alert during the whole process and is able to drive (At the doctors discretion) immediately after surgery.  Dr. Cruz is certified in MIS techniques and utilizes his skills daily.  “I believe that MIS techniques work very well for the right patient and that patient satisfaction will always be #1 when performing these procedures.”  Utilizing state of the art techniques to correct foot pathologies has always been a priority at Advanced Podiatry and now with MIS techniques we are effectively treating bunion pain with minimal adverse effects. Please call and make an appointment with Dr. Cruz today to help get you on the road to pain free walking.