Can an Orthotic help my Knee Pain? | Podiatrist | Tampa, FL | Foot Doctor

Can an orthotic really help my knee pain?  

Orthotics are custom made devices for your feet that you can place in regular shoes.  Most people believe orthotics can only help foot pain; however, orthotics are not just for foot pain relief.  They can also help other lower extremities problems such as shin splints, medial knee strain and low back pain.  Orthotics can help realign the foot to work in an optimal position so that the lower extremities are essentially being supported by a well-balanced beam.

Increasing stability in the foot helps guide the lower extremities into a more correct position alleviating stress to the low back, shin and the knee.  If you are experiencing any type of lower extremity pain in the foot, ankle or knee, call Advanced Podiatry today at (813)875-0555 today so we can discuss your treatment options and see if orthotics are the right fit for you!
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