Can chasing your child lead to a foot injury, ask Halle Berry? Or can it cause weight gain? Dr. Marc Katz Tampa Podiatrist reveals the answer!

We all chase our kids at one time or another.  It seems that there is no harm unless you ask  Halle Berry!

Halle missed the big Oscars night apparently after injuring her foot while chasing her 3 year old daughter. Oh, the dangers of having children! Add this to the long list of reasons for foot injuries.

Halle Berry appears to be in excellent shape. However, according to the APMA, foot  pain is making 72% of Americans fat!

Podiatrist are there for you, says Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist.  He notes that many patients complain of pain in the foot leading to their inability to be active.  Many of the common problems that lead to less activity include heel pain, flat feet, sprains, neuroma and ingrown nails.  In addition many suffer from burning pain from diabetic neuropathy as well.

The solution is simple says Katz, visit your podiatrist.  There are many treatments available for your foot pain. He notes that friends, google and stores claiming to heal you are often counter productive to getting the proper care for foot pain heel pain and foot injuries.  Your podiatrist can help you get back on your feet and back to exercise quicker than anyone else.

Dr. Katz is a podiatrist in Tampa Florida. If you have a foot problem, please contact us and we will get you in to see Dr. Katz immediately.