Can Cryosurgery Treat Pain in my Feet?


Cryosurgery is a very specialized but underutilized procedure used in podiatry for neuroma pain.  At Healthy Feet Podiatry, our physicians are part of a small group of practitioners in the world that offer this unique procedure specifically for neuromas.  To learn more about whether your pain is related to a neuroma, click here to view our information page on neuroma pain.

We have patients traveling from as far as Canada, Europe, Asia and even Africa to find the best minimally invasive, natural treatment for painful neuromas.  Although there are other conservative treatments available, cryosurgery is a great alternative to the standard surgical removal of a neuroma.  That’s right Tampa, this simple, in-office procedure is right around the corner from you!

So what is cryosurgery and how can it help you?

Cryosurgery (or CryOzone) is an in-office multi-modality treatment approach to give you long-term relief for that nagging neuroma pain that won’t resolve with standard conservative treatment. The cryo probe is directly applied to the inflamed nerve; therefore, freezing the inflamed nerve allows us direct contact for nerve regeneration (like applying ice to a painful bruise). After two rounds of freezing cycles,  the cold therapy allows the body to start the regeneration process for proper healing of the nerve.

Following the freezing cycles, two more injections are given including PRP and Ozone during the same visit to assist with regeneration and healing.  These injections are performed immediately after the cryotherapy is completed while the patient is still numb and has no discomfort.  Combining all three therapies together (aka CryOzone) has proved time and again to provide the best patient satisfaction.

The best part of CryOzone is that it’s natural without the use of pharmaceutical medications.  At Healthy Feet Podiatry, we have an 85% success rate with CryOzone on persistent neuroma pain that is not relieved with standard conservative treatment.

Following the procedure, immobilization is required for one week in a walking boot without the need for anti-inflammatories or ice for that period of time.  Typically pain improvement is noted within 6-8 weeks, but it is not unusual to see improvement sooner.

If you are experiencing pain with a neuroma that is not improving with standard non-invasive treatment options, and you feel reluctant to jump into surgery, then  come to Healthy Feet Podiatry for a CryOzone consultation.  Check out our website at and click on the Regenerative Medicine tab for more information.  Call our office today for an appointment!

Dr. Todd Brennan