Can You Get Foot Pain Relief Naturally?

Not everyone can take medications or have cortisone injections to alleviate pain in their foot or ankle. Some people experience side effects that prevent them from helping. Others have serious drug interactions and can’t risk taking certain medications. And like most of us, some people just don’t want to take medication if there is any way around it.

So is there a natural way to relieve foot pain? Yes! Super-pulse laser treatments are a natural alternative treatment for conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis or plantar fasciitis that can not only reduce pain but heal the tissue as well. Laser treatments are becoming one of the fastest growing advancements in the medical field. Laser treatments have helped people become pain free all over the world!

With the assistance of our doctors, we can customize the laser treatments to fit your needs. Settings on our laser unit are adjusted to help reduce pain, decrease inflammation and encourage tissue healing. NO MEDICATIONS REQUIRED!

If you are experiencing foot, ankle or leg pain and would like a drug-free way to relieve it, then call Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555 for an appointment to discuss laser treatments. Let us introduce you to the new, natural way to resolve pain with laser treatment!