Chase Utley Ankle Injury Career Ending?

Chase Utley Out with an Ankle Injury!

Chase Utley sprained his ankle when he stepped on a ball while fielding grounders.   This happened in January and now it is March and he will still not be ready for the season opener.

Utley plays second base for the Phillies and is a key player on the team. So why is his ankle still swollen when it seemed that he had just a minor ankle sprain? Some bloggers are suggesting that this may just be another addition to the decline of Chase Utley’s career. Others counter that Utley still has what it takes. He has 139 career steals after 157 attempts for a whopping 88.5% success rate.  And they say he is superior to Ryne Sandberg who made it to the hall of fame.

So could this ankle injury be career ending. An ankle injury typically results in damage to the ligaments and tendons around the ankle. In some cases, the ankle joint itself can be damaged including the cartilage. As a podiatrist that treats many ankle injuries, I see that many people take longer to heal from an ankle sprain compared to a fracture. In many cases the ligament damage heals with scar tissue and weakness and prolonged pain and instability remain.

We don’t have many details about Chase Utley’s actual injury but he is likely undergoing physical therapy and has had an MRI to check the damage. So when is more aggressive treatment needed and when should that happen? If he continues to have pain when returning for the season he would benefit from an ankle arthroscopy to check for damage and remove any abnormal tissue from the joint. This can make a big difference and more major surgery is often avoided.

At Advanced Podiatry, we treat all types of ankle injuries. We offer many options such as Regenerative Medicine treatments, ankle arthroscopy and specialized laser for more rapid healing. Call us if you want to get back to your activities after an ankle injury.