Chris Sale Out With Foot Fracture

Chris Sale’s foot fracture has Chicago worried!

So even an Ace pitcher like Chris Sale can hurt himself at home while unloading the back of his truck. He suggested that it’s little more than a sprain and he has kept a positive attitude. However, the Chicago White Sox are not sure if he will be ready for opening day.

The best part of the story is that he told everyone about his heroic effort to fight of an intruder and that is how he was injured! Either way he has to get this fracture healed to keep his superstar status.

Regardless of how the injury happened, even an ace pitcher like Sale will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal what is known as an avulsion fracture. So it really is much more than a simple sprain.

An avulsion fracture typically occurs when the foot lands in a twisted position and this usually occurs on the little toe side of the foot. The most common bone to be affected is called the 5th metatarsal. So when Chris Sale jumped from his truck and landed, one of his tendons pulled the bone and created the “avulsion fracture”. He essentially snapped off the end of the bone.

This was the same bone fractured by Kevin Durant except Durant’s fractures was more towards the middle of the bone and was called a “Jones Fracture” which require more healing typically.

Just when you think all is going well, a little twist of the foot or ankle can put you out of commission for 4-6 weeks and there is no way to rush the healing.

So if you hurt yourself and you think it may just be a sprain of the foot or ankle, see a podiatrist. It’s a simple in-office x-ray to see if there is a fracture. If you wait to treat a fracture, the fracture could move and worsen and maybe even require surgery. Seek treatment of foot and ankle treatments early to avoid prolonged healing and long-term damage to the foot and ankle.

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