Contracted Toes Causing Pain? Read How To Fix Them!

Do your toes curl when you walk? Do they cause pain in your shoes? You may be suffering from hammertoes! A hammertoe(s) is when one or multiple toes start to curl causing a prominent bump on the top of the toe. Some people develop throbbing pain under the toe or the ball of the foot because of the abnormal pressure distribution of the toe in a curled position.

Although conservative treatment is available, hammertoes cannot be corrected with devices such as splinting or stretching exercises.

If you are looking for a simple procedure to correct a hammertoe deformity, then you should call Advanced Podiatry for a consultation with our doctors. Advanced Podiatry offers a unique procedure in the office that can correct a curled toe without the need for surgery in the hospital or surgery center.

Are you worried about taking time off for the procedure from work??? Don’t be! This minimally invasive procedure does not require any time off the foot and you can begin walking again immediately after the procedure. There are no stitches since the incision is so small. It naturally heals on its own. A small bandage is applied to the area for 2-3 days and then removed with use of a Band-Aid afterwards until your follow up visit one week later.

So if you have a hammertoe that is causing pain or discomfort in your shoes, call Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555 for an appointment today. Our doctors can help alleviate your hammertoe pain with a simple procedure that has virtually no down-time and keeps you pain free!