Corey Hart Foot Not So Hot!

Corey Hart, watch your feet!

Even the most agile athletes still have their clumsy moments, and Corey Hart of the Pittsburgh Pirates had his moment this past Sunday. It was reported that the backup first baseman sliced his foot while entering a hot tub during spring training. Now, some may question how one can cut themselves on such a smooth rounded surface but all hot tubs are not created equal. Edges within the hot tub can be found on the steps, drains, or even the jets. Needless to say, the risk of injury during the most common tasks can be very damaging. Corey Hart received three stitches for his mishap and will return to the field in a few days.

Corey Hart is not the only one suffering from unusual spring training accidents. Chris ‘the condor’ Sale (White Sox pitcher) broke his foot stepping off of his truck, and Ronald Belisario (Tampa Bay Rays pitcher) recently fractured his shoulder while exiting a swimming pool. The risk of these water related injuries could be reduced by wearing a pair of aqua socks. Aqua socks can protect your feet from the hazards of ‘sharp’ hot tubs and prevent falls when exiting a slippery pool. Hart’s injury put him at risk for developing an infection of his foot. The amount of bacteria in a tub is quite high especially if it is used frequently. Yes, chlorine and other antiseptics can keep most of the germs away but it is still a risk. Having any kind of open wound in a body of water increases the chances of infection and can be very detrimental if left untreated.

At Advanced Podiatry we see pool related injuries quite often. We have even developed our own unique protocols to deal with such accidents, and our treatments are effective and efficient.   If you or a loved one suffers from any foot/ankle injury be sure to make an appointment at Advanced Podiatry. Dr. Katz and Dr. Cruz have been highly trained in foot and ankle trauma and can get you back on your feet quickly.