Could One Bad Foot Equal the Downfall of Duke? Ask This Tampa Podiatrist

Of all of the possible excuses, how could a foot be a major factor in Duke losing?   Well if you ask coach Mike Krzyzewski, he believes that Ryan Kelly’s foot injury helped bring the team down in their final games. Ryan Kelly suffered a foot injury in practice and has recently had foot surgery after Duke was upset in an NCAA loss to Lehigh.  Kelly averaged 11.8 points per game, 5.4 rebounds and was over 40% from 3-point territory!  That’s a talent too important to lose and yes, it’s all because of a foot! Foot injuries are common in all types of sports, both professional and casual.  Many people suffer foot injuries while at the gym or even while taking a brisk walk.  Some might miss the curb and get injured after a big night on the town.  In any case, these foot injuries often require major alterations in daily activities and work in order to heal. Injuries include foot sprains, fractures, tendon tears and heel pain.  Following these types of injuries many people report that they gain weight as a result of decreased activity and this sometimes leads to more foot pressure and longer healing. If you have a foot injury, don’t delay treatment. If you wait to visit you podiatrist, you may be looking at a longer healing process and difficulty returning to normal activities.  About 70% of people suffer some type of foot problem in their life, so chances are that you can relate to Ryan Kelly and the affect a foot can have on a whole basketball team. If you have foot pain or have had a foot injury, call Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa Florida for an immediate appointment and you will be one foot ahead.