CryoMax versus ordinary cryosurgery for foot pain

Cryosurgery has been performed on the foot for over 5 years.  In its early days, there was no ultrasound guidance.  An incision was made and the probe was placed through the tiny incision to the area where there was the most pain.  The procedure was then performed in that area.  The results were decent at best and not very reproducible.  Most of the doctors that perform cryosurgery today perform it in this manner.  With better visualization so easily achieved with high powered color ultrasound, Dr. Katz prefers his method over the blind procedure and over the procedure that is done with a black and white ultrasound.  Dr. Katz calls his procedure CryoMax.   Dr. Katz has developed this technique and it has been refined with several of his colleagues and they are some of the only cryosurgeons performing this advanced procedure in the U.S.

CryoMax is a  much more precise procedure done with the aid of an ultrahigh resolution magnifying digital ultrasound capable of Doppler visualization of blood vessels.  The nerves are identified in close proximity to the vessels.  When CryoMax is performed, the Cryosurgeon is looking directly at the structures that he is freezing and can actually measure the area of nerve tissue that is frozen.  There is little doubt what is being frozen and whether the probe is in the correct area.  Without Doppler Ultrasound, the procedure is done blindly.  The percentage of success is much higher with color ultrasound guidance than without it. 
The general public needs to understand that because of the cost of proper training, equipment  and market pressures, many doctors perform the procedure blindly and have had little to no training.
To date, Dr. Katz is the only nerve cryosurgeon performing the CryoMax technique in the State of Florida and one of the few in the United States If you are going to have the procedure done, wouldn’t you prefer to have it done correctly to maximize the pain relief?