Cryosurgery Questions and Answers

Tampa CryosurgeryQUESTION: What is the difference between surgery to cut the plantar fascia and cryosurgery?
ANSWER: The procedures are very different and unrelated. When the fascia is released, you are basically cutting the strongest ligament in the body. This is the major support structure in the foot! This is considered a more involved, more major foot surgery. So if it was my foot that would absolutely be my last option. I do not do them any longer because the effects of cutting this strong band can often be problematic.
With Cryosurgery, I would be disabling the nerves to the area of pain. The theory is that when the heel is inflamed, the nerve gets trapped and damaged. Also, there is a pain signal to the spinal cord that is disrupted after the freezing. As a colleague of mine once suggested, it is rebooting the nerve, just like a computer reboot. Also there would be super freezing which removes swelling.