Do You Have Cracking Heels? Advanced Podiatry Has The Answer!


Since summer is in full force now, you may notice that your heels are dry, cracking or even bleeding.  Why does this seem to be a more common complaint in the summer?  Well, the weather and the shoes have a lot to do with it.
Summer usually means flip flops and barefoot.  With flip flops or sandals, the heels are exposed to the hot summer days and pulls natural moisture from the skin barrier.  This excessive dryness causes an increase in callous formation.
Flip flops and barefoot walking also causes excessive pressure to the heel pads.  Constant pressure and friction from unstable shoes or walking surfaces can increase skin turn-over causing more dry skin and callouses to develop.
So how can you prevent your heels from this embarrassing, sometimes painful condition?  Use of good shoes for long periods of walking, exercise or running errands is important.  Flip flops shouldn’t be worn as your day to day shoe gear, rather used for short periods of time or going to the pool/beach.  Also use of an emollient with an active ingredient called “urea” can help breakdown some of that excessive callous or dry skin.  Use of a pumice stone can remove the dry skin as well.  Both urea cream and use of a pumice stone have a synergistic effect and is the best way to effectively remove excessive dry skin to the heels.  There are also socks worn at night that area impregnated with emollients that can increase moisture to the heels.  Before starting any treatment regimen, however, you should always consult with your podiatrist to address any risks, especially in people with diabetes or neuropathy.


So call Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555 and let our doctors help resolve your dry, cracked heels.  Treatment is always available at our office to help your feet look great for the summer!