Do you Suffer from Gout Attacks? Come See Us- Healthy Feet can Help!

What is Gout?

About 8 million people suffer from a painful inflammatory arthritic condition called gout. Gout is more common in males than females; about fifty percent of these cases start in the big toe joint. Gout can be caused by an underlying condition such as psoriasis, genetic enzyme defects, obesity,kidney disease and hemolytic anemia.

Your diet also has a large influence on developing a gout attack; gout can be triggered by red wine, lard, and seafood. If you have a known diagnosis of gout, try to avoid these foods.

How do I know if I have Gout?

Gout is caused by an accumulation of uric acid within the joint. This can be caused by either an overproduction of uric acid due to an enzyme defect and/or metabolic disorder or caused by under-excretion of uric acid through the kidneys. Gout appears as a red, hot, swollen joint- usually the first big toe joint. Sometimes gout can even cause tophi- uric acid crystals that form firm white lumps. In severe cases, tophi can begin to protrude through the skin.

How do we treat it?

If you think you may have a gout attack, schedule an appointment right away. X-rays will be taken to evaluate the bones within the joint and lab work may be ordered. Acute gout attacks can be treated with oral medications and steroid injections which typically provide immediate pain relief. Chronic gout requires daily preventative medication. However, it is still possible to experience an acute gout attack even while on this medicine. If you experience an exacerbation of gout while on this medication, you may be recommended a steroid injection into the joint.

If you think you have gout or suffer from gout attacks, come see us today at Healthy Feet Podiatry! We can treat your symptoms and relieve your pain! “