Do YOU want an alternative to surgery for your Achilles pain?

We all want to keep up our daily routines without having foot and ankle problems, right?  You can’t let Achilles tendinitis keep you from doing your morning run, taking the kids to school, or even doing the yard work around the house.  You keep stretching, icing and using Advil in hopes that the pain will resolve but it just doesn’t seem to get any better.

Are you afraid the next step is surgery?  Well don’t be!  There is an alternative to surgery for Achilles pain and Shockwave therapy (AKA Extracorporeal PulseActivation Technology) could be the answer for you!  Shockwave therapy incorporated with super pulse laser therapy can help decrease the inflammatory cells that cause pain from Achilles tendinitis.  It also helps to reduce rigidity to the tendon that occurs naturally with the aging process, which makes the tendon more prone to injury.  Other therapeutic effects with shockwave and laser therapy include increasing blood supply to the tendon, reducing tissue that causes hardening of the tendon, and faster healing.  More importantly, this is not surgery, and there is no down time for the procedure!  This treatment has been used world wide for arthritis, tendinitis and chronic pain in all speciality areas.

Let us help you get the RELIEF you need without any cutting or surgical procedures involved!  Call Advanced Podiatry today for a consultation for your Achilles pain relief!