Does Cryotherapy Work for Corns?

Does Cryotherapy Work for Corns?

A corn is hard skin that forms in area of high pressure. So if you have a bump on the top of your toe and it is becoming irritated, a corn may form to protect the skin. So the primary cause of the pain and redness if the deformity or bump on the toe. Examples would be hammertoes or bunions. The hard skin or corn that forms is not the primary problem. It is a symptom of the enlarged bone or deformity.

Many people have pain where a corn is located and they want relief from the pain. In some cases you will feel a hard bump and it is not even a corn but rather just the bone bump. There are many over the counter products on the market to cure corns. The most common is a pad with acid on it. These pads basically burn the skin off.  This may allow the corn to fall off. But then the corn will grow back. Some doctors are freezing off corns. This is known as cryotherapy.  This may help temporarily but it is not a cure or long-term solution.

The reason that cryotherapy and acid pads do not cure your corn is because you must treat and remove the bone bump for the corn to go away.

Cure the primary problem and the corn will go away on its own. One way to cure the primary problem is to have the bone enlargements removed through a minimally-invasive office procedure. Other treatment may require traditional surgery to realign a toe or other bone.

So if you are looking for temporary relief you can try cryotherapy. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, I would caution you to avoid cryotherapy or pads containing acid. These treatments can cause significant complication.