Does Your Ankle Feel Unstable?

Many people have sustained ankle sprains regardless whether or not you’re athletic. A sudden misstep…and before you know it, your ankle and foot are twisted and you’re heading for the ground. Do you think you’re just clumsy? Not watching where you were stepping? Maybe that is true for some of us, but you may have a foot type that is more prone to ankle sprains. People with higher arches tend to walk more on the outside of their foot since their arch never really contacts the ground. All it takes is a little uneven ground or stepping down from a ledge to sustain an ankle sprain with someone that has a higher arch. Add sports or exercising to the equation and we have a recipe for ankle sprain disasters! If you sustain multiple ankle sprains, it can cause the ligaments along the side of your ankle to loose strength and cause your ankle joint to become unstable. Ankle joint instability is one of the major causes for ankle joint arthritis to develop. So it’s important to have an unstable ankle treated properly by your podiatrist to reduce the risk of long term affects to your ankle joint. Treatment can range from conservative treatment to surgery depending on the severity of the ankle. At Advanced Podiatry, we use custom made inserts to provide more stability to a person with a higher arch by distributing pressure more evenly to the bottom of the foot with activity. Custom inserts or “orthotics” can reduce the risk of ankle sprains and can easily be transferred to most of your shoes. We also offer an advanced treatment option called Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is a series of injections that are performed to promote strengthening of the ligaments along the side of the ankle. It is a natural injection that initiates your body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote ankle joint stability. Surgical intervention is also offered at Advanced Podiatry for people that have severe ankle joint instability. Surgery involves using part of a tendon along the side of your foot and ankle that recreates the damaged ligaments. Your foot and ankle surgeon will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if you qualify for this type of surgery. If you are suffering from an ankle joint that feels unstable with daily activities or exercise, call Advanced Podiatry at 813-875-0555 for an appointment to discuss your concerns with our doctors. We have multiple treatment options that can help reduce your pain and keep you on your feet!