Does your big toe hurt during sports? Tampa podiatrist tells why!

Your big toe may be hurting from an injury called turf toe.  This is a condition that is treated by your foot doctor.
Turf toe is a common injury in professional athletes due to the field surfaces, specifically, soccer and football players. Turf toe can occur on any toe of the foot but the big toe is most commonly affected. 
Typically, turf toe is caused by an athlete quickly planting his or her foot to the playing surface and forcing the big toe into a hyper-extended or over-stretched position. This is commonly seen when a player falls on another player’s leg forcefully placing pressure on the toes that are rigidly fixed on the ground.  For professional athletes, this can be a serious injury causing them to miss an extended period of time because they are unable to push off against the surface with their big toe.   
Symptoms of turf toe include pain with motion at the big toe joint as well as swelling, bruising and stiffness.  Daily activities can aggravate the injury so it is best to see your podiatrist for treatment options to resolve the symptoms of turf toe as soon as the injury occurs.  Treatment options for turf toe include use of anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, physical therapy, and custom arch supports or orthotics.   
If left untreated, turf toe can cause significant arthritis to the big toe joint later on in life and can greatly limit your daily activities.   
So if you’ve recently suffered from turf toe or continue to experience pain after sustaining the injury, make an appointment with Advanced Podiatry in Tampa for evaluation and pain relief!