Don’t Miss out Later in Life Because of a Misdiagnosis!

Have you or a loved one ever suffer an ankle or foot injury? Did you receive treatment right away? Was the problem identified properly? A recent publication in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association states that missing a foot an ankle diagnosis can lead to severe problems later on in life. The article actually states to get a second opinion in order to gain the most accurate diagnosis possible. inaccurate diagnosis can lead to chronic pain, arthritis, and long term disability. There are approximately three million emergency room visits each year in the United States that are due to foot and ankle injuries. Some of the most commonly missed diagnosis’s are fractures, ligament injury, joint injury, and high leg sprains.


At Advance Podiatry our protocol is simple and effective. If a patient presents to us with an acute injury such as an ankle sprain, we will assess the symptoms and decide the proper action. Typically if there is just a sprain we will immobilize the limb by utilizing a walking boot. This walking boot acts like a walking cast with the added benefit of compression. The patient will use this boot 4-6 weeks depending on improvement of symptoms. After this period of immobilization the patient will be reassessed. If the patient has continuing pain or worsening of pain throughout the immobilization periods, then a MRI would be warranted. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation will also help to alleviate symptoms during this time. Oral anti-inflammatory and pain medication can help with the acute symptoms as well. At Advanced Podiatry we also have a fluoroscopy x-ray machine which allows us to see the image of the foot in real time to assess joint integrity and congruity. If the injury is severe and there is a fracture or severe soft tissue damage then an MRI may be ordered to plan for surgical intervention. A CT scan may also be utilized if there is a complicated fracture.

This basic protocol allows for constant assessment of the patient’s symptoms in order to be able to adjust the treatment plan at the proper time. The patients are also encouraged to call the doctor with any updates good or bad regarding their injury. This will also help the doctor make fast appropriate changes if needed. Feed back from the patient is crucial and being able to adjust to the patients individual needs is quite important.

If you or a loved one have suffered a foot and ankle injury, please make an appointment today so that we can quickly treat the problem and avoid any future pain. Call (813) 875-0555 today!