Dr. Cruz was a guest speaker at Mckitrick Elementary School in Lutz, Fl!

Dr. Cruz spoke to the brilliant young minds of Mrs. Bump’s kindergarten class. Mrs. Bump’s kindergarten class was very attentive during the lecture and learned about why kids need to see a podiatrist. Heel pain, flat feet, ingrown nails, and bug bites were just some of the topics covered during his talk. The children were very interested in the anatomy of the foot and counted all the foot bones accurately.

Kids should never have foot pain and if they do they should see a podiatrist immediately. Sever’s disease or calcaneal apophysitis is a very common foot disorder of children. The heel bone has many attachments, specifically the Achille’s tendon. The Achille’s tendon is very strong and can cause excessive strain to the growth plate of the the heel bone. When this strain is repeated inflammation and pain can occur at the back of the heel where the tendon attaches. Orthotics and a decrease in activity will alleviate the pain along with icing and anti-inflammatories. Children will typically heal within 4-6 weeks.

At Advanced Podiatry we are very comfortable with pediatric foot problems. We strive to deliver efficient, effective, and the highest quality of care for all our patients. Our pediatric patient’s we take extra special care of by making them comfortable with our family friendly staff and environment. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment today if your little ones are having any kind of foot problem. We treat everything from ingrown toenails to fractures. Call 813-875-0555 today!