Dr. Katz provides Comprehensive Medical Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Brandon and Clearwater

So where do you begin if you want to have the laser treatment? Well, Dr. Katz, a board-certified podiatrist, has done much of theresearch for you! After conducting his own personal research over thepast number of years he chose the CoolTouch laser. There are a number of lasers on the market and he chose the CT3 plus zoom 1320nm laserwhich allows for the most powerful, flexible and safest treatment. Other lasers that did not make the cut included Pinpointe, Noveon, KLaser, Palomar Lux, Aerolase, Fotona and other lasers that operate witha wavelength of 1064nm or have a double wavelength around the 800 and 900nm range. Dr. Katz found these to have less power and affinity for the nail tissue. Also, he felt these lasers did the not have theuser-control versatility he found in the CoolTouch laser. He felt there were few safety features compared to the CoolTouch.

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After using the CoolTouch, Dr. Katz planned to enhance the treatment by altering the treatment protocol. He has adjusted the many laser settings to take advantage of two methods of fungus damage and death.The first is by heating the nail, which is a common method used by manyother physicians. For his second step in furthering the success ratefor his patients, Dr. Katz researched methods of fungus destruction byaltering the genetics or DNA of the actual fungus. He optimized the laser variables based on his studies, providing his patients twomethods of destruction and the best results.

Still not satisfied, Dr. Katz took the treatment even further providing an even greater benefit to his patient. He developed his own antifungal liquid formulation used during treatment which improved thelaser’s ability to transport the ingredients in the solution deep into the nail and nail bed where the most resistant infections often reside.

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Dr. Katz has pioneered other treatment such as cryosurgery for foot pain and constantly strives to move treatments such as laser to the nextlevel. When it comes to laser toenail fungus treatment, Dr. Katzclearly has the best treatment available in the Tampa Bay area. He evenhas patients traveling from other states to take advantage of hisunique laser protocol. You’re just a google search away from readingthe many articles written by Dr. Katz discussing his treatments.

So the success of your laser treatment not only depends on the typeof laser, but also on the innovation of the doctor providing thetreatment. All laser treatments are not created equal. This is whereDr. Katz shines above the rest.  Dr. Katz has now developed the ToeLaze Complete – TLC Procedure.  This includes comprehensive medical treatment for your toenail fungus using the Cooltouch laser and a complete low-cost maintenance program.  Dr. Katz states that there are no frills.  He avoids gimmicks like UV light for your shoes and antifungal socks.

In terms of cost, you can pay more or less for your treatment, butyour best bet is to go with the first board-certified doctor in Floridato develop his own advanced treatment protocol using the CoolTouchlaser. Dr. Katz has priced the treatments fairly to allow more patientsto have access to this groundbreaking technology.

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