Dr. Marc Katz, A Tampa Podiatrist, Offers New Techniques for Foot and Heel Pain Relief!

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Tampa Foot Pain? Get Relief

Dr. Marc Katz provides treatments for all foot and ankle pain.  He uses minimally-invasive and non-invasive advanced techniques to get you back to your activities quickly while avoiding surgery.

He specializes in the following:
Laser toenail fungus treatments – https://www.notoenailfungus.com
Advanced Techniques for Heel and Achilles Pain – https://www.fixfootpain.com

Cryosurgery for Painful Neuroma – https://www.tampacryosurgery.com

Specialized Permanent Ingrown Toenail Removal
Minimally-invasive Correction of Flexible Hammertoes
Same Day Customized Orthotics
Musculoskeletal Laser for Joint Pain and Soft Tissue Sprains and Strains
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Dr. Katz Treats the Following problems:

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