Drug Free Foot Pain Relief!

If you’re tired of taking medication to alleviate your foot pain, then it’s time to put the pills down and join the hundreds of people who have found pain-relief with Multi Radiance Laser!

The advances with laser technology has profoundly changed the way doctors treat people with acute and chronic pain. Laser treatments have been used for pain relief associated with acute injuries such as ankle sprains, fractures and tendinitis but it has also helped alleviate chronic pain secondary to plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and arthritis.

Why does Multi Radiance work? The technology behind Multi-Radiance, simply put, uses multiple wavelengths of light to penetrate through tissue to increase circulation and promote tissue healing. It also has an electrical stimulator that simultaneously allows for relaxation of muscle spasms which commonly occur around areas that are injured. The simultaneous use of the laser to heal and repair with the benefits of the muscle relaxation from the stimulator provides amazing pain relief for lower extremity injuries.

The Multi-Radiance Laser is safe and pain-free. It effectively stimulates your body to repair injured areas and has virtually no contraindications or side effects. It’s even a great way to heal injuries in kids!

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