Everything is Better When you add Beer…Even Running

Floridians are blessed with beautiful weather year round. Now that the frigid 60 degree weather is behind us, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and be active. There’s a multitude of activities to choose from including fishing and boating however it seems that running seems to be a popular choice amongst us Tampanians. Running can be a very rewarding hobby. It’s no secret that it provides numerous health benefits including weight loss, building lean muscle, and prevention of heart disease.


Many people are now using running as a means to meet new people and make friends! Personally, running can be challenging and boring at times. But if you make it a social event and add a little beer, I say I’m all for it! There are several bars and clubs across the city that host a weekly group run. Here are a couple, just to name a few.

Irish 31 is one the best bars in the Westchase area. Not only is it family friendly but they have a great variety of specials and drinks throughout the week. They also happen to host a fun group run every Wednesday night that features a free dinner buffet after your run. The run kicks off at 7pm and is open to everybody. The best part is that it’s FREE to join!

Find out more at ​https://www.facebook.com/WestchaseRunClub/

If you’re near Channelside or Downtown, be sure to check out Running for Brews Run Club. As you may have guessed from the name, they too meet a local bar. Unlike the Westchase Run Club, the starting point of the casual 5k run changes from week to week. Sometimes it’s Pourhouse in Channelside while other weeks it may be at one of the bars along South Howard. What waits at the finish line is always the same – an ice cold beer with some good friends! Check them out at ​https://www.facebook.com/RunningforBrewsTampa/

Whether you’re looking for some extra motivation and need some new running buddies or if you’re simply looking for a reason to drink on a weekday, these running clubs are a great place to do so.  But of course, make sure you’re properly equipped to run.  I recommend coming in to see one of our doctors to evaluate your shoes and see if a custom orthotic is right for you.  A custom orthotic realigns the foot so that it can function in the most efficient way possible.  This helps prevents injuries especially for those who are starting off on a new exercise program.  Let us help you stay injury free so you can keep running and drinking happily!  Call us at 813-875-0555 and make an appointment today!

Happy Runnings,
Dr. Binh Nguyen